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          Rubber/elastomer flexible connectors have been specified and used for many years by consulting engineers, mechanical contractors, pressure vessel designers, plant engineers and turn-key construction firms. They are installed to accommodate movement in piping runs, protect piping from expansion and contraction.

          Rubber/elastomer flexible connectors provide efficient but economic ways to accommodate pressure loads, relieve movement stress, reduce noise, isolate vibration, compensate for misalignment after plants go on stream, and prolong life of motive equipment. Special built-in features will also eliminate electrolysis, counter expansion and contraction against start up surge forces.

Tozen rubber/elastomer flexible connectors are widely used in piping and pumping application in the following industries:
Suction and delivery pumping lines for air-conditioning, ventilation system and chilled water installation.
Cooling tower and fan coil unit piping lines.
Fire fighting and sanitary system.
Pollution control system for sewerage and water treatment.
Piping systems in general factories.
Power generation plan, marine cooling system, ballast lines, pulp and paper industry, etc.

          Tozen Group has manufactured elastomer flexible connectors for more than 25 years. Producing rubber/elastomer connectors is our real core business. Most of Tozen rubber flexible connectors are manufactured with multiple plies of nylon tire cord fabric and natural or synthetic rubber under our special molding rocess. The available sizes range from the smallest ½" up to 80" 2000mm) in diameters. Available working pressures are from full vacuum up to as high as 40 bar. Inquiries of customized elastomer connectors for specific applications are welcomed.

          Thermal growth, overloading, metal fatigue, noise, excessive installation time and early maintenance problems can be significantly reduced or avoided with Tozen's flexible connectors and expansion joints.
Tozen can serve you as a reliable supplier that can fulfill your specific needs. As our factory is located in Thailand, we can offer most standard units for fast delivery for those domestic customers; and if required custom expansion joints or flexible joints will be designed and manufactured to meet your specific applications or special need
Braided Metal Flexible Joints
Expansion Joints

PT-FLONEX (Teflon Expansion Joint)
          PT-Flonex is a TEFLON expansion joint reinforced by steel rings. Working temperatures are 70C to 200C. Maximum working pressures shall vary by number of bellows, sizes, and operating temperatures. PT-Flonex is available in 2, 3, and 5 bellows in 25mm to 300mm diameters. PT-Flonex has superior chemical resistance to most chemicals, so suitable for various acids, alkaline, and solvents. Teflon contains no carbon element, no electrolysis shall be generated. With this property, it is especially recommended for use with portable water and demineralized water. PT- Flonzex is widely used in chemical processing industries, paper mills, and water treatment plant.

   It is a twin sphere rubber connector made of EPDM. Available sizes are 150mm to 300mm. Working pressure is 20 bar for all sizes. Tie-rod integrated type floating FCD flange is the standard flange, and a set of tie rods are supplied as standard package. Ordinary FCD floating flange is also available. JIS10K and ANSI 150 are our standard flange drillings. Other material and drilling standard of flanges can be supplied upon request. In general, Twiflex 20 has higher pressure resistance and shorter face to face length than Twinflex


PT-LS is a spool type rubber flexible connectors (or rubber expansion join). Since

          PT-LS is made by hand-made process, customization is available to fulfill specific/special requirements of sizes (up to 2000mm available), lengths, working pressure (max: 40 bars for small sizes), movements, and connections. Flanged ends, beveled ends, insertion end are available for different pipe connection. PT-LS can be produced for above-ground and underground applications. Standard material is neoprene and EPDM is optional. PT-LS is widely used in general piping systems requiring higher pressure resistance and movement absorption capability where other models are not suitable. PT-LS is popularly used in large-sized piping systems of public waterworks and wastewater projects to solve differential settlement problems (land sinking).


          Tozen BFV (wafer type), BFV-L (full lugged type), and BFV-D (flanged type) are soft sealing butterfly valves for installation with flanges drilled in accordance with JIS, ANSI, BS, DIN, etc. Overall lengths are in accordance with ISO 5752 series 20. Actuator mounting flanges conform to ISO 5211.

To ensure tight shutoff for application in chemical processing plants, power plant, refineries, shipbuilding, pulp and paper mills, and HVAC applications. Tozen butterfly valves are specially designed to strengthen the seal tolerance between disc and liner.

High quality control are focused on precision machining of valve bodies and disc, and on positioning of rubber liner within the body and exact positioning of shaft. Promary seal is achieved at the interface of the disc and the surface of the liner, particularly in the area of the shaft locations. Pressure surge seals are molded inside the seat shaft collars providing supplementary security. These multiple seals ensure that the medium comes into contact only with the disc and the urbber seat.

Tozen butterfly valves are highly competitive with their absolutely tight sealing, corrosion resistance and low operational torque requirement. Thus, minimal operational wear and an extended service life are the long-term benefits committed to users.

Braided Metal Flexible Joints
Expansion Joints